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Unix Commands

Head and tail

head - Shows you the first 10 lines of a file (if you pipe other command to head, this will stop after printing the first 10 lines (it gets sent SIGPIPE).
head -c num file -> shows the first/last "num" bytes of the file.
head -c 1k file -> shows the first 1024 bytes of the file.

tail file -> Shows you the 10 last lines.
tail -f file -> will follow printing the new lines addest to end of the file.
tail -n 100 -> will show the last 100 lines.
tail +n 100 -> will show the first 100 lines.

ssh (Secure SHell)

ssh $USER@$HOST command -> Run command on $HOST as $USER (default command=shell)
ssh -f -Y $USER@$HOSTNAME xeyes -> Run GUI command on $HOSTNAME as $USER
scp -p -r $USER@$HOST: file dir/ -> Copy with permissions to $USER's home directory on $HOST
scp -c arcfour $USER@$LANHOST: bigfile -> Use faster crypto for local LAN. This might saturate GigE
ssh -g -L 8080:localhost:80 root@$HOST -> Forward connections to $HOSTNAME:8080 out to $HOST:80
ssh -R 1434:imap:143 root@$HOST -> Forward connections from $HOST:1434 in to imap:143
ssh-copy-id $USER@$HOST -> Install public key for $USER@$HOST for password-less log in wget (multi purpose download tool)